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Weekend Winter Special

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The Good Bread Company in Vittoria has taken our Black Sheep and turned it into a bread! So we wondered what goes better with beer bread than the beer it’s made off? Nothing, that’s what… well maybe if you were to add some award winning Bella-Vitano-expresso cheese from the Second Mouse Cheestique! We came up with the perfect combo : Beer bread, Expresso cheese and a glass of Black Sheep. If you are really hungry add a bowl of pea soup to the combo.

All stocked up

We have finally caught up with the damage brought on during the holidays. All our beers, excluding the Tripel, will be back on the shelves and on Tap as off Friday. Anyway, there are a lot of bottles to be labeled so I best get going.

Growing Steadily

Just one more thing: In order to prevent any future drinking problems, you know, lack of drinks available. We have upped the ante some more and brought in two more big boy tanks! Thanks to a few of our regulars for their help in getting the two beasts inside and upright!! You guys are real life savers, I’m sure you will all be good and sore for a few days after that adventure!


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