Sneak peek Friday September 25

/Sneak peek Friday September 25

Sneak peek Friday September 25

We sampled our upcoming beers the Petit Blond, and the Black Sheep; a milk stout. We are happy with how both of them are developing and can’t wait to share them with you this Friday, except for the brewer who has a sore throat and almost tossed all the batches.

The Petit is a lighter version of the Belgian Blond with an alcohol percentage of around 4.5%. It has the pleasant floral hoppy aroma and flavour we were aiming for. Aside from being hoppy we found it refreshing with fruity citrus flavours. This beer makes a lighter alternative to the heavier Belgian Blond.

The Black Sheep does not quite fit in with the Belgian style, however, our friends and we ourselves were so happy with this homebrew we could not exclude it from the selection. So it may be the black sheep of this beer family, but it certainly is not unloved. When you take a waft of this beer you get a sense of the full body. Flavourwise it lives up to these expectations, it’s a smooth, creamy beer with a roasted flavour and a hint of vanilla and coffee. The alcohol percentage for this beer sits around 4.8%. It’s a good desert beer pairing well with something sweet.

So hurry in this weekend for tasters. The bar is open till 9pm but you can sample and buy bottles untill 11pm

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