Shirts have arrived! Naturally we could not wait to dig in and try out the different designs and colours, Neoma doesn’t even seem to mind that hers does not quite fit. Former Nixon Knights will be in for a nostalgic treat; Yvonne has done her best to recreate the original school shirts with a little New Limburg twist.

We also went to pick up our glasses today. However the same perfectionism we apply to the beer saw us home with only sample glasses. Hopefully the guys at Stoney Creek Glass can pull it off to have the glasses ready by tomorrow. We are very thankful for their understanding and effort.

_DSC7472 _DSC7489 _DSC7485

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  1. S. Kamenar September 21, 2015 at 10:49 am

    So wonderful for you to pay homage to the former tenants of the building you now inhabit! I love the nostalgia and I’m willing to bet that others will, too! Looking forward to sampling some Belgian Blonde!

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