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More than just beer

Because so many of you have been complaining about our lack of bar snacks, and we acknowledge that there are some people we can’t please with our craft brews alone, we are now selling things other than beer… or beer merchandise.

We have been scouring the neighbourhood for local goodies. We stopped by Townsend Butchers and picked up some pepperettes and, more appropriately, Belgian sausages. After that we went by Harmony for some scrumptious cookies and pie. Also, we will soon be offering a variety of Picard chips, though for the time being we have some of the more usual brands on hand for those who simply can’t wait for a salty snack.

Since pie and cookies don’t pair particularly well with beer, except maybe our Black Sheep, we also have coffee and tea for you. And for the non-beer lovers we have pop and juice.

We plan on adding more local treasures, and are always on the look-out. If there is anything you would like to see offered at the brewery (within our capabilities) please let us know in the comment box or in person.

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