Keeping warm with a Damme Strong Blond

/Keeping warm with a Damme Strong Blond

Keeping warm with a Damme Strong Blond

I figured it was time for another blog in light of our newest beer the Damme Strong Blond. We had a tasting session last night and were pleasantly surprised with this playful batch. This beer is essentially the familiar Belgian Blond we have all come to know and love except a tad stronger, namely 8.7% alcohol as opposed to 7.6%. Ideal to warm up your belly as the days grow colder.

The Damme Strong Blond is not your everyday beer, you most certainly notice the alcohol even before the first taste. This beer is quite sweet with a sour edge to it. It’s almost easy to forget you are drinking an ale due to the subdued bitterness, in fact the lingering flavours are reminiscent of a sweet white wine.

As if you need another reason to come down to New Limburg; we gave in to the autumn chill and turned up the heat. So if you are too stubborn to turn on your heater this early in the season, you can keep warm guilt free while taking advantage of our free wifi and good brews.

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  1. Bill October 9, 2015 at 6:04 pm

    Tried the Damme Strong Blond Friday Oct 9th and I have to say it was wonderful. As usual the staff at New Limburg were great.

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