1409, 2016

1st Anniversary October Fest!

In an effort to thank our many customers for making our first year such a great one, we would like to celebrate the occasion with you at our very own New Limburg October Fest! Come enjoy some great beer, delicious food and excelent live music.

To make this event extra special we will be releasing a brand new beer developed and brewed by our newest brewer Andrew. It’s a Dark Rye Saison and supplies are limited, so be sure to stop by for a chance to try it out while you still can.

Entry Fee: Free. Guests recieve a branded beer mug for a $6 deposit.
Prices: $2 per token; 2 tokens for 300mL beer.

See you there 😉

2005, 2016




Finally the growlers are here! So forget the 4 pack this long weekend, instead grab a single two litre bottle filled with delicious, cold beer. Though you might as well grab a mixed case while you are here.



_DSC4432That’s not the only thing that’s new at New Limburg, we now have an option for those of you who are like me and just can’t decide which New Limburg flavour to order. You can now get a flight with four different varieties, equal in volume to two of our regular glasses.  Or if you have never tried any of our beers before and are not quite ready to commit to a full glass.

Something yet to look forward to is the patio. We plan to have it ready to sit before the summer, for you to enjoy the calm country outdoors.


1303, 2016

Growler Crowd Funding

You asked and we want to deliver! Growlers are coming soon, but we need your help to get them in your hands.

For those of you who don’t know what a growler is, it’s a large jug (typically around 2L in size) that can be filled at a brewery with draught beer to take home. The advantage is that you get cold, fresh beer at a better price (since you won’t need to pay for packaging each time you purchase a bottle).

It’s possible to fill a growler directly from a draught faucet, but it is a poor quality fill. The beer will foam up, releasing CO2, resulting in a flat beer. It also exposes the beer to oxygen, which causes it to go stale sooner. In order to provide a high quality fill, we need to invest in a counter-pressure filler and additional refrigeration. The counter pressure filler purges the growlers with CO2 to prevent oxygen pickup and fills the growler under pressure to avoid the release of CO2. When filled this way, the shelf life of the beer will be weeks rather than days. We will also need to invest in growler inventory and related hardware/accessories.

Steps to get to our goal

  1. Sign up for pre-sale.
  2. Wait for others to sign up, unless you are the last.
  3. Come in to provide payment when contacted.
  4. When payments have been received, New Limburg places orders for all equipment and rewards.
  5. Equipment installation.
  6. Rewards are handed out.

In order to raise money to start filling growlers the right way, we’re offering some great pre-sale deals. There are several reward levels that cater to all kinds of beer drinkers.See rewards below or in the featured images above.


LEVEL 1 – $50
Branded Glass Growler (full)
T-Shirt with backer names (fictional or real as long as appropriate)
A Nixon Knight beer if any are pledged

LEVEL 2 – $150
Everything from Level 1 +
24L of Growler Fills

LEVEL 3 – $350
Everything from Level 1 +
Awesome Ceramic Growler (from the Portland Growler Company)
50L of Growler Fills

LEVEL 4 – $575
Everything from Level 1 +
Awesome Ceramic Growler (from the Portland Growler Company)
100L of Growler Fills

For this generous donation you will be dubbed a Nixon Knight. As a part of this honour a knightly portrait of you on a horse will appear on one of our upcoming beer label series.
In addition to this title you will receive:
Everything from Level 1 +
Awesome Ceramic Growler (from the Portland Growler Company)
150L of Growler Fills

How to sign up
Fill out a sign up sheet in our retail. Or follow this link.

Pricing on specialty and limited production runs may be higher. Pricing and maximum alcohol content is subject to change based on minimum pricing set out by the Ontario government. Growler fills apply only to 7.2% alcohol. Must be 19 years of age to participate.